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Carpentry Services

We now offer a variety of carpentry services. If you do not prefer to refinish your cabinets, but would rather start new, Zillo Refinishing is the company for you. We will custom-build cabinet boxes, install your new hinges and handles, and install the cabinet doors. To add the finishing touch to your kitchen we also install crown molding to really bring it all together. We also replace those baseboards or toekicks you forgot you had to match everything and to refresh your kitchen.

custom boxes.jpg

Custom Built Boxes

Have a whole new vision for your kitchen cabinets? We will custom-build new cabinet boxes to complete your vision. Our professionals will come and take precise measurements for your cabinets and will create all new boxes.

Crown Molding.jpg

Crown Molding

Finish the look of your new kitchen cabinets with new crown molding.


Replace Baseboards, Shoe, & Toekick

To finish your new look, do not forget to replace the baseboard, shoe, and toekick.

new door.jpg

New Cabinet Door Installation

Once you have chosen new cabinet doors, we will install the hinges and handles and securely attach the doors to your cabinet boxes.

Slow Closing Pull_edited.jpg

Slow Closing Pulls

Soft closing pulls and hinges will extend the life of your cabinets by lessening the stress on the hinges and hinge plates.

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